Longtime songwriter and radio disc jockey Mitchell Stone founded
Emstone Music Publishing in 1997.  Mitch's illustrious broadcasting
career included stints at major radio stations in two of the world's
foremost music capitals, Orlando and Nashville.

Mitch cut his teeth in radio when he joined Program Director
Tom West's on-air staff at WBJW-105FM Radio in Orlando in 1975.
The station, which was owned by Atlanta-based Rounsaville
Broadcasting, was nicknamed "BJ105" as a tribute to Betty Jean
Rounsaville, the wife of the company's owner, Robert Rounsaville.

In those days, BJ105 was an unknown fledgling FM rocker,
floundering at the bottom of Central Florida's radio ratings.  Under
West's music tutelage and programming expertise, Mitch took over
the coveted 6-10 a.m. "morning-drive" slot in the station's weekday
broadcast lineup, and he soon led BJ105 in its drive to become the
first FM rocker ever to top the Central Florida ratings wars.  West's
time-tested liberal programming philosophies, coupled with Mitch's
raucous start to the Orlando broadcast day quickly made BJ105—
which had emerged as a powerhouse rock-music "monster"—
Rounsaville's flagship radio station.

Mitch spent three years there.  As the sponsor station for Disney
World, BJ105's reign as Florida's top-rated broadcast outlet lasted for
several more years.  To this day, the station's legacy remains a
legendary success story in the radio industry.
Many years after the Orlando triumph, when Mitchell Stone delved more deeply into music promotion and songwriting, Emstone Music Publishing was born.
Since then, Mitch's adaptation of the Tom West way of looking at music—the more variety, the better—has prevailed, as songwriter Mitch's lyrics represent
some of the most creative, meaningful, and entertaining words in music today.

When Mitchell Stone asked the great country singer/songwriter Eddie Rabbitt how he'd acquired a taste for country music while growing up in the pop-music
stronghold of New Jersey, Rabbitt said "There's good and bad in everything, including music, and if you don't give all kinds of music a chance,
you're really cheating yourself."  

Indeed, since its inception, Emstone Music Publishing has signed, and Mitch's own songs have reflected, a wide variety of music, including that of the pop, rock,
blues, country, and Christmas genres.  Emstone Music Publishing's universal music outreach is the primary reason the company has enjoyed its great success.  

Today, the door remains open as we welcome the material of all songwriters, no matter what their writing style may be.  But before you submit a demo to
Emstone Music Publishing, remember that we only sign writers whose works display a spark of songwriting genius; anything less just isn't suitable to compete
in today's music-industry environment.  So if you've written the words and music for songs that are good enough to be aired on commercial radio, and you
have a fully produced demo of those songs, you're invited to submit your CD to Emstone Music Publishing.  To do so, visit our  
Demo Submissions  page.
Tom West (1948-1987)
Mitchell Stone, circa 1977
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