Veterans of the radio ratings wars: New York deejay
Bruce "Cousin Brucie" Morrow (left) and Mitchell Stone
Mitchell Stone in the production room at WBJW,
circa 1977
Songwriter Mitchell Stone today
About Emstone Music Publishing
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Mitchell Stone with Gary Lewis, leader of
Gary Lewis and the Playboys ("This Diamond Ring"),
and the son of comedian Jerry Lewis
Mitchell Stone and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer
Brenda Lee
Mitchell Stone and American Idol's third-season winner
Fantasia Barrino
Mitchell Stone and country-rock legend
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Beach Boys co-founder Al Jardine and Mitchell Stone
Longtime songwriter and radio disc jockey Mitchell Stone founded
Emstone Music Publishing in 1997. Before that, Mitchell's illustrious
20-year broadcasting career included stints at major radio stations in two
of the world's foremost music capitals, Orlando and Nashville.

In 1975, Mitchell took over the coveted 6-10 a.m. "morning-drive" shift at
Orlando's WBJW, which at that time was a floundering new FM station.
He spent several years at WBJW, and he led the station in its drive to
become the first FM rocker ever to top Central Florida's radio ratings. Soon
after Mitchell's arrival, Disney World named WBJW as its "official sponsor
station." Mitchell hosted many star-studded shows at the famous theme
park, including those by The Beach Boys, Michael Jackson, the Spinners,
The Guess Who's Burton Cummings, and the O'Jays. WBJW's reign as
Florida's top-rated broadcast outlet lasted for many years after Mitchell
Stone's departure, and to this day, the legacy of WBJW's startup under
his leadership and his morning-show antics remains one of the great
success stories in the radio industry.

Mitchell spent all of 1980 on the air as the 7p.m.-midnight disc jockey at the
powerful rock station WLAC, whose studios are in the heart of Music
Row at 55 Music Square West in Nashville, Tennessee. WLAC is a
clear-channel station, which means that after sunset each day there is
virtually no limit on the direction of the station's powerful 50,000-watt
signal. So Mitchell's huge multi-state audience regularly provided him with
phoned-in song requests from listeners up and down the U.S. from the
Mississippi River to the eastern seaboard, and from Texas to Canada.

In 1981, Mitchell Stone returned to Florida, where for more than a year he
worked his only country gig as the weekday 2-6 p.m. "afternoon-drive"
announcer at WSUN Radio in Tampa. Following that, he became a longtime
news anchor for WNWS and WINZ, top-rated news/talk stations in Miami.

By 1997, Mitchell Stone had delved more deeply into music promotion as
well as his own songwriting. (To hear him perform more than 200 of the
songs he's written, click
here.) Also in '97, Mitchell's BMI company,
Emstone Music Publishing was born. Since then, his liberal attitude toward
music---"the more variety, the better"---has prevailed. One time, in a
broadcast interview, Stone asked country singer Eddie Rabbitt how he'd
acquired a taste for country music while growing up in the mostly
pop-music city of East Orange, New Jersey. Rabbitt's reply: "There's good
and bad in everything, including music, and if you don't give all kinds of
music a chance, you're really cheating yourself."

Indeed, since its inception, Emstone Music Publishing has signed
songwriters of a wide variety of music styles, including pop, rock, blues,
country and Christmas genres. Emstone's wide array of music options is
the primary reason the Company has enjoyed its success, and the door
remains open as we welcome the material of all songwiters, no matter
what their writing style may be. So if you've written the words and music
for songs that are good enough to be aired on commercial radio, you're
invited to submit your material to Emstone Music Publishing. To do so, visit
our Demo Submissions page.

Today, Emstone Music Publishing devotes much of its time to supporting
the re-election of President Donald Trump. Many of the Company's
employees are working with the Trump team to help achieve that goal.
Emstone's "Trumper Bumper Stickers" are unique 3-by-10-inch vinyl
stickers that are being offered throughout the 2020 presidential campaign,
with an ever-increasing number of designs. Trumper Bumper Stickers are
available securely and exclusively on this website.
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President Donald J. Trump and Mitchell Stone, who coined the term "Trumper Bumper Stickers"