1. Never send anything that would require us to stand in line to pick up at the post office.  We don't have time to
sign for mail, and first-class postage is fine.
2. Send as many songs as you like, but include a lyric sheet for each one.
3. You should belong to a royalty rights organization.  Emstone Music Publishing is affiliated with BMI.
4. List your contact information and your royalty rights affiliation on your CD, on every lyric sheet, and in any
correspondence you send with your demo package.
5. The name, address, and phone number of your co-writer(s) must be included in the first mailing of your demo.
6. If you are sending your material from anywhere in the United States, all songs  must be registered, or be in the
process of being registered with the US Copyright Office in Washington, DC.  All printed references to copyrighted
material must also bear the copyright symbol (©) and/or the word "Copyright" on CDs listing songs, and on all lyric
sheets.  Should a song be in the process of getting registered with the US Copyright Office at the time of its
submission, that should be noted in any written correspondence to Emstone Music Publishing.
7. Keep descriptions of your songs out of your cover letter or any other correspondence. If a song is good, it'll
speak for itself when we listen to it.

To submit your demo to Emstone Music Publishing, send it to the email-address link on our
Contact page.
No submission code is required.
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Songwriters: Got Demos?
Before you submit a demo to Emstone Music Publishing, remember that we only sign writers whose works
reflect a spark of songwriting genius. Anything less just isn't good enough to compete in the music industry.
So if you've written songs (words and music) good enough to be aired on commercial radio stations--and have the
fully produced demo CD to prove it--you're invited to submit your efforts to Emstone Music Publishing.

We welcome all styles of music.  But there are some guidelines you need to follow:
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